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Bottle Neck Hangers

Door Hangers

Mirror Hangers

Bottle neck hangers are a prac­tic­al way to attach a small card or stapled brochure to the neck of a bottle to intro­duce vari­ous other products, provide other inform­a­tion of interest (such as recipes) or intro­duce an ongo­ing campaign. A neck hanger can also be stamped from paper to go directly on a bottle’s neck through a hole.

In addi­tion to neck hangers, there are door hangers for door handles (such as in hotels) and mirror hangers for rear-view mirrors of cars (such as on ships). Gener­ally, these are prin­ted works stamped from a single sheet, the upper part of which forms a hook.

A Bottle Neck Hanger (Brochure)
A Bottle Neck Hanger (Die-Cut)
A Door Hanger
A Mirror Hanger