Võta meiega ühen­dust – vast­ame sulle esimesel võimalusel




Boxes, crates, pack­aging – when you have a phys­ic­al product then you prob­ably also need to pack it into some­thing. Be it safe trans­port from point A to point B or partic­u­larly attract­ive sales pack­aging that would make the product stand out from the compet­i­tion on the store shelves. Such as a gift box for a wine bottle, a four-pack or a six-pack for beer bottles, etc.

We can make pack­aging out of corrug­ated board, card­board or paper­board and print the client’s design on there (directly on the mater­i­al or on paper which is glued on the mater­i­al). In addi­tion, we can lamin­ate the pack­aging, install a trans­par­ent window, print hot-foil, silk­screen, spot varnish and other specif­ic requests.

Our options also include the devel­op­ment of a tech­nic­al concept accord­ing to the client’s wishes. And of course, we will also make a proto­type to ensure that the solu­tion is a suit­able one.

A Top-Opening Box with Partitions
A Box That Opens at Both Ends
A Box with A Separate Lid
A Box with A Locking Lid
A Food Box
A Six-Pack
A Box with A Plastic Window
A Bottle Box with A Handle
A Box with A Hole For Hanging