Võta meiega ühen­dust – vast­ame sulle esimesel võimalusel


Envel­opes are good to use for mail­ing or more pleas­ant pack­aging of vari­ous docu­ments, post­cards, invit­a­tions etc.

An easi­er option is taking a stand­ard envel­ope and print­ing the company logo on it, as well as possibly every receiver’s address. Such envel­opes are also avail­able with a window (the receiver’s address can then be prin­ted on a separ­ate sheet that goes inside the envel­ope). In addi­tion, there are envel­opes made of more luxuri­ous mater­i­als which carry a more special vibe before they’re even opened.

But if you want to make some­thing partic­u­larly special or need, for example, a custom-sized envel­ope for send­ing ad brochures to the client, then the envel­ope can be prin­ted on sheets, stamped and glued togeth­er. This way, extraordin­ary and eye-catch­ing solu­tions are made.

An Envelope
An Envelope with A Window
A Die-Cut Special Envelope with A Tear-Off Flap