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Offset Printing

Offset printing is a printing technique with long traditions, which enables to produce large volumes of high-quality prints.


Printing of Sticker Labels

The digital offset printing technology by HP Indigo is the printing technology of 21st century. It enables us to flexibly print labels and stickers with print runs ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands of copies.

The stickers we print are in rolls so they can be applied on products with label application machines. If you wish to apply stickers manually, we can cut the stickers into more manageable sheets or individual copies.


Digital Printing

Digital printing is very versatile and offers many options. This printing technology can perfectly keep up with today’s social digital world by offering unique options for personalising, numbering, etc.

We can print on papers (including design papers), synthetic materials, stickers, and envelopes.



Die cutting, gluing to board (cardboard, binding board, corrugated board, die cutting of plastics)

Folding, creasing, perforation

Binding (saddle-stitch binding, loop staple binding, adhesive binding, PUR adhesive binding, sewn adhesive binding, comb binding, hardcover binding)

Laminating (glossy, matte, scratch resistant, soft-touch)

Hot-press stamping, ingrain stamping, blind blocking

Development of special solutions and technical drawings