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Roll-Up Stands

A roll-up stand is a relat­ively clas­sic ad space used at vari­ous events such as fairs and confer­ences. They may also be set up in offices and other places.

These are metal struc­tures on legs with a rolled-up banner with the client’s design placed inside. The mech­an­ism auto­mat­ic­ally rolls the banner into the struc­ture. Upon install­a­tion, the struc­ture is placed where desired, the banner is drawn out of the struc­ture and placed over the struc­ture with the long collapsible stick supplied with the setup.

Stands of vari­ous size are avail­able: 85 x 200 cm, 100 x 200 cm, 120 x 200 cm, 150 x 200 cm and 200 x 200 cm. There is also a two-sided option and LED-lamps can also be added.

Roll-up stands are relat­ively durable and easily trans­por­ted thanks to the carri­er bag supplied. This way, they are easy to bring along to events.

A Roll-Up Stand
A Roll-Up Stand with LED-Lighting
A Two-Sided Roll-Up Stand