Võta meiega ühen­dust – vast­ame sulle esimesel võimalusel


Taking notes on paper is famil­i­ar and effect­ive. Instead of grabbing white A4 sheets from the print­er, it’s much nicer to use a note­book or note­pad glued into a block on one edge.

Of course, what’s import­ant here is also the fact that the sheets in such a block can be prin­ted and covered with squares or lines. And place the company logo some­where in the corner as yet anoth­er way to bring your inform­a­tion to the desks of clients and part­ners in a useful way.

The design may be the same on each sheet (which also makes the note­pad cheap­er to make) or also differ­ent on every sheet if neces­sary. Usually, a sheet of thick­er paper or card­board is glued to the bottom of the pad, adding heft. Even a sheet of paper­board may be used, adding a lot of rigid­ity and allow­ing for the pad to be used without rest­ing it on a desk.

A note­pad can also be made so that the upper side is covered with a card­board cover and the pad is revealed when the cover is opened.

A Notepad
A Notepad with A Cover