Writing blocks

Taking notes on paper is familiar and effective. Instead of grabbing white A4 sheets from the printer, it’s much nicer to use a notebook or notepad glued into a block on one edge.

Of course, what’s important here is also the fact that the sheets in such a block can be printed and covered with squares or lines. And place the company logo somewhere in the corner as yet another way to bring your information to the desks of clients and partners in a useful way.

The design may be the same on each sheet (which also makes the notepad cheaper to make) or also different on every sheet if necessary. Usually, a sheet of thicker paper or cardboard is glued to the bottom of the pad, adding heft. Even a sheet of paperboard may be used, adding a lot of rigidity and allowing for the pad to be used without resting it on a desk.

A notepad can also be made so that the upper side is covered with a cardboard cover and the pad is revealed when the cover is opened.

Popular solutions

A Notepad

A Notepad with a Cover