A leaflet is a folded flyer-like printed sheet which carries a lot more information thanks to several pages and it’s very easy to give your most important messages with it to passing people. Or why not display it at your office, fair booth or store on a small ad stand?

A leaflet can be a simple, four-page material folded once, i.e. a V-leaflet (V-fold — looks like the letter V).

But if you want to put more information in a compact leaflet, you can, for example, add one page. If this six-page leaflet is folded so that one page goes inside the others, then it looks like the letter G and becomes a G-leaflet. Whereas when each end page turns to a separate side, it looks like the letter Z and is a Z-leaflet.

There are many ways to fold. For example, a Z-leaflet can be folded in half in turn and there is also a window fold where the two end pages are folded together into the middle. And then in half again. Such a leaflet will have eight pages.

One thing to keep in mind is that the pages to be folded inwards should be 2-3 mm shorter than the outer pages.

If you’re not sure how to explain your wish to us exactly, take a sheet of paper and film or take a photo of you folding it up, then send it to us with your inquiry!

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