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Lanyard Cards

When you’re organ­ising a confer­ence, fair or other large event where a lot of people will gath­er then it’s useful to prepare lanyard cards with people’s names and other relev­ant inform­a­tion. This inform­a­tion can be conveni­ently prin­ted with every person’s data on a paper or card­board card. Pock­et lamin­a­tion will provide a more durable result against mois­ture and wear.

Anoth­er mater­i­al option is synthet­ic print paper (plastic) which makes the prin­ted card imme­di­ately mois­ture-resist­ant. Regu­lar lamin­a­tion can be added against wear.

After a hole is punched through the card, it can easily be equipped with a lanyard so the event parti­cipant can hang it around their neck.

A Paper or Cardboard Lanyard with Lanyard and Pocket Laminate
A Plastic Lanyard Card with A Lanyard