Võta meiega ühen­dust – vast­ame sulle esimesel võimalusel


What could be more eleg­ant or pres­ti­gi­ous than send­ing a prin­ted invit­a­tion to an event?

An invit­a­tion can be prin­ted on a thick­er paper or card­board and lamin­ated. For a more impact­ful result, we can also use varied exquis­ite design papers, hot-foil stamp­ing, etc.

The print can be a simple sheet, a folded sheet or even some­thing much more special. And a match­ing envel­ope is also a must for a prop­er invit­a­tion. The invit­a­tion itself as well as the envel­ope may be imme­di­ately person­al­ised with the receiver’s name and other inform­a­tion in print.

A Simple Invitation
A Folded Invitation (Portrait)
A Folded Invitation (Landscape)
A Simple Invitation (Square)
A Simple Invitation (A65)
An Invitation In An Envelope