Võta meiega ühen­dust – vast­ame sulle esimesel võimalusel


There is some­thing famil­i­ar and secure about glan­cing at the calen­dar hanging on the wall or stand­ing on the desk, an insep­ar­able part of the work environment.

Why not choose the calen­dar to be the carri­er of your company symbols and give them to your clients and partners?

A wall calen­dar can be the clas­sic “trio” where the previ­ous, current and upcom­ing month are stacked and the back­ground and the top sheet is prin­ted with company design. Or make an entirely unique one where each month is on a new page with an eye-catch­ing design on top of the calen­dar. Such calen­dars are usually wire-bound (wire‑o) or the easi­er options may also be bound with staples (saddle-stitched). An insep­ar­able part of a wall calen­dar is a hole for hanging and a metal hanging hook can be added to wire‑o binding.

A desk calen­dar is a prin­ted work remin­is­cent of a card­board triangle on its side with calen­dar pages added. A beau­ti­ful desk calen­dar is a styl­ish part of every office and a very effi­cient way to keep company inform­a­tion under the eye of import­ant people.

A Desk Calendar
A Wall Calendar (Saddle-Stitched)
A Wall Calendar (Wire‑O Bound)
A Wall Calendar (Trio Maxi)