There is something familiar and secure about glancing at the calendar hanging on the wall or standing on the desk, an inseparable part of the work environment.

Why not choose the calendar to be the carrier of your company symbols and give them to your clients and partners?

A wall calendar can be the classic “trio” where the previous, current and upcoming month are stacked and the background and the top sheet is printed with company design. Or make an entirely unique one where each month is on a new page with an eye-catching design on top of the calendar. Such calendars are usually wire-bound (wire-o) or the easier options may also be bound with staples (saddle-stitched). An inseparable part of a wall calendar is a hole for hanging and a metal hanging hook can be added to wire-o binding.

A desk calendar is a printed work reminiscent of a cardboard triangle on its side with calendar pages added. A beautiful desk calendar is a stylish part of every office and a very efficient way to keep company information under the eye of important people.

Popular solutions

A Desk Calendar

A Wall Calendar (Saddle-Stitched)

A Wall Calendar (Wire-O Bound)

A Wall Calendar (Trio Maxi)