Business cards

Business cards are the classic way to hand out contact information to people you meet. At the same time, it’s also an opportunity to leave a good impression, which is where a well-made and memorable business card can be helpful.

Business cards are made in various sizes. The most common in Estonia is the 90 x 50 mm format, at the same time you can also come across with cards in 90 x 55 mm or 85 x 55 mm formats in other neighbouring countries. And if you wish, the card can also be made a special size and custom shape. This may be much more memorable, but such cards may not fit in a business card holder.

The classic low-cost business card is printed on thicker paper or slightly more rigid cardstock. Various other materials are also used for a more exclusive impression with their hue or finish. Lamination may also provide surface protection and a slightly more special look. There are various options for lamination – glossy, matte and soft-touch.

Various post-processing options can also make a business card stand out even more. For example, we can print white text on thick black (or other coloured) paper and make the logos or other details in silver or gold hot-foil stamping or even use spot-varnish. Materials of different colour and thickness can also be glued together and create a particularly memorable (and thicker) business card.

Popular solutions

A Business card

A Business Card with Rounded Corners

Business Cards in A Box

A Layered Business Card