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Document Folders


When you have lots of inform­at­ive or market­ing mater­i­als that you wish to give the client then you can make docu­ment folders for them. This is a very popu­lar choice for confer­ences and fairs. They often come with special incisions where you can attach your busi­ness card in a visible way. When there are more mater­i­als, we can make it with a spine which allows for more prin­ted mater­i­als (and why not also a USB stick, pen or other treats).

An altern­at­ive is to use a fasten­er folder where punched pages can be attached with metal clamps. Unlike docu­ment folders, mater­i­als can also be read by turn­ing the pages this way.

When there are really a lot of mater­i­als and it’s also import­ant to preserve them in an aesthet­ic manner and/or for a longer peri­od of time then we suggest making ring bind­ers. Their strong paper­board covers and metal ring mech­an­isms make it easy to add punched mater­i­als. In addi­tion, it’s good to leave your import­ant inform­a­tion (such as a price list) in the client’s office for constant use.

A Document Folder
A Ring Binder
A Fastener Folder