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Parking Clocks

As the aver­age car owner often comes across park­ing lots where the start time of park­ing needs to be estab­lished, park­ing clocks contin­ue to be popu­lar and practical.

Why not use the oppor­tun­ity to merge the useful and the pleas­ant and print park­ing clocks with your company’s symbols? The product itself is relat­ively simple: a clock and hands riveted to it.

If you want to stand out more, flash­i­er options can also be made where the rect­an­gu­lar main part contains a numbered wheel instead of clock hands, so only part of the wheel is visible through the stamped window. A custom-shaped arrow can be left inside the window to show the right time, or the arrow can be prin­ted next to the window.

A Parking Clock with Hands
A Parking Clock with A Wheel