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Security Gate Ads

Pop-ups and secur­ity gate ads are excel­lent larger-sized ad spaces. These are ellipt­ic­al fold­able tubes with the same or differ­ent print on both sides.

Secur­ity gate ads are used around secur­ity gates in stores (hence their other name: secur­ity gate covers).

Pop-ups are simil­ar in nature, but a mech­an­ism with rubber bands is placed inside them so a pop-up can be set up inde­pend­ently. When pack­aged, these kinds of products take relat­ively little space so trans­port and stor­age of larger amounts is easi­er. Not to mention espe­cially fast and easy installation.

In gener­al, such prints are made of card­board and covered with matte or glossy lamin­ate. Pack­aged indi­vidu­ally in plastic film or in a card­board envel­ope if necessary.

A Pop-Up (Set Up)
A Pop-Up (Folded)
A Pop-Up (Custom Shape)
A Security Gate Ad