Võta meiega ühen­dust – vast­ame sulle esimesel võimalusel


Today, an elec­tron­ic “post­card” is much more common than the prin­ted version. At the same time, this means that a company choos­ing print to make its clients and part­ners happy is much more outstand­ing and impact­ful. The option that arrived by mail will draw the receiv­er away from the shin­ing screen for a moment and gives the oppor­tun­ity to hold some­thing real that they just received from someone. It’s likely that this post­card will be set up some­where visible for a while and the sender will also pop up in the receiver’s mind later when they glance over the prin­ted card.

Post­cards are gener­ally prin­ted on card­board. When writ­ing on the back­side is not as import­ant then on mater­i­al coated on both sides. Card­board which is coated less on one side allows for writ­ing on the backside.

A post­card can be a simple sheet cut to format and a fold­able option with a crease. Glossy, matte or soft-touch lamin­ate may be added to the outer side, as well as spot-varnish, hot-foil stamp­ing and simil­ar options to enhance memorability.

A Postcard (Simple)
A Folded Postcard (Portrait)
A Folded Postcard (Landscape)