Today, an electronic “postcard” is much more common than the printed version. At the same time, this means that a company choosing print to make its clients and partners happy is much more outstanding and impactful. The option that arrived by mail will draw the receiver away from the shining screen for a moment and gives the opportunity to hold something real that they just received from someone. It’s likely that this postcard will be set up somewhere visible for a while and the sender will also pop up in the receiver’s mind later when they glance over the printed card.

Postcards are generally printed on cardboard. When writing on the backside is not as important then on material coated on both sides. Cardboard which is coated less on one side allows for writing on the backside.

A postcard can be a simple sheet cut to format and a foldable option with a crease. Glossy, matte or soft-touch laminate may be added to the outer side, as well as spot-varnish, hot-foil stamping and similar options to enhance memorability.

Popular solutions

A Postcard (Simple)

A Folded Postcard (Portrait)

A Folded Postcard (Landscape)