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Sales Stands

Ad Stands

Even though beau­ti­ful sales pack­aging helps a lot in making a product stand out, some­times you need some­thing even more outstand­ing. A good way to do that is by way of a sales stand, which is a smal­ler or larger shelf, stand or simil­ar product designed by the client, where you can place your awesome products and display it in the store, at a fair or elsewhere.

Simple sales stands can be boxes open in the front, with a larger designed board in the back. On such a sales stand, you can place brochures, flyers or leaf­lets. Larger sales stands can look like shelves where products can be set in sever­al rows. Such sales stands can be used in stores or at fairs for present­ing products in a more outstand­ing way.

An Ad Stand for Flyers/Leaflets
An Ad Shelf
A Base Box
A Hexagonal Box
A Pyramid Box on A Stand