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Shelf Talkers


Even though beau­ti­ful pack­aging is very import­ant for goods to stand out on shelves, some­times you need some­thing more to attract the clients’ atten­tion. A good solu­tion, in this case, is a shelf talk­er, also known as a wobbler.

This is a small rect­an­gu­lar or custom-shaped print with a “tail”. This tail is either left from the same mater­i­al during the die-cutting process or attached later and made of trans­par­ent plastic, flex­ible metal, etc. The other end of the tail is attached to the desired spot with double-sided tape. The shelf talk­er itself may be made of paper, card­board or plastic.

In many cases, the shelf talk­er moves on top of its flex­ible tail and the air flow caused by the passing client helps draw even more atten­tion to the prin­ted message.

In addi­tion, there are shelf talk­ers without a tail which are attached to the shelf with special cuts made during production.

A Shelf Talker in One Piece with A Stamped Tail
A Shelf Talker with A Plastic Tail
A Shelf Talker with A Metal Tail
A Plastic Shelf Talker Without A Tail
A Cardboard Shelf Talker Without A Tail