Shelf Talkers


Even though beautiful packaging is very important for goods to stand out on shelves, sometimes you need something more to attract the clients’ attention. A good solution, in this case, is a shelf talker, also known as a wobbler.

This is a small rectangular or custom-shaped print with a “tail”. This tail is either left from the same material during the die-cutting process or attached later and made of transparent plastic, flexible metal, etc. The other end of the tail is attached to the desired spot with double-sided tape. The shelf talker itself may be made of paper, cardboard or plastic.

In many cases, the shelf talker moves on top of its flexible tail and the air flow caused by the passing client helps draw even more attention to the printed message.

In addition, there are shelf talkers without a tail which are attached to the shelf with special cuts made during production.

Popular solutions

A Shelf Talker in One Piece with A Stamped Tail

A Shelf Talker with A Plastic Tail

A Shelf Talker with A Metal Tail

A Plastic Shelf Talker Without A Tail

A Cardboard Shelf Talker Without A Tail