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When you have a company then obvi­ously you also want to offer your products or services to clients. Even though doing it online is an increas­ingly popu­lar option these days, market­ing in prin­ted form is all the more extraordin­ary and impact­ful. Espe­cially if you pour enough care and effort into this under­tak­ing and make some­thing beau­ti­ful and attract­ive. Some­times the client also enjoys the oppor­tun­ity to switch off the world of flash­ing screens and take a moment to read and look at some­thing in analogue.

In gener­al, cata­logues and brochures are prin­ted on qual­ity coated semi-glossy silk paper. Or on gloss paper. At the same time, uncoated paper leaves a certain sense of handi­craft and why not also an ecolo­gic­ally reli­able sense. This also feels less commer­cial­ised, but colour­ful images never­the­less look pret­ti­er and bright­er when prin­ted on coated papers.

One of the most common bind­ing options is saddle-stitched bind­ing (also referred to as stitched bind­ing or also known as stapled bind­ing). This is a fairly simple and cheap meth­od for bind­ing thin­ner brochures and cata­logues. In addi­tion to regu­lar staples, this can also be done with loop stitch­ing, which make it easi­er for insert­ing to folders and bind­ers (the prin­ted work itself does not have to be punched through with a hole punch). The covers may be on the same paper as the contents. Or select a thick­er paper for the cover and possibly also lamin­ate it for a pret­ti­er and more styl­ish final result. The number of pages in saddle-stitch bind­ing must always be divis­ible by four.

Glue bind­ing (also known as perfect bind­ing) is good for bind­ing slightly thick­er prin­ted works. As a rule, covers of glue bind­ing are always made of thick­er paper (or even card­board). This kind of a bind­ing provides a much more eleg­ant result.

Wire bind­ing or wire‑o is a means of bind­ing where single sheets are perfor­ated along one edge and bound with wire. Covers are also frequently thick­er and (trans­par­ent) plastic is also used.

Saddle-Stitched Binding
Loop Stitching
Glue Binding
Wire Binding (Wire‑O)
Hardcover Binding