When you have a company then obviously you also want to offer your products or services to clients. Even though doing it online is an increasingly popular option these days, marketing in printed form is all the more extraordinary and impactful. Especially if you pour enough care and effort into this undertaking and make something beautiful and attractive. Sometimes the client also enjoys the opportunity to switch off the world of flashing screens and take a moment to read and look at something in analogue.

In general, catalogues and brochures are printed on quality coated semi-glossy silk paper. Or on gloss paper. At the same time, uncoated paper leaves a certain sense of handicraft and why not also an ecologically reliable sense. This also feels less commercialised, but colourful images nevertheless look prettier and brighter when printed on coated papers.

One of the most common binding options is saddle-stitched binding (also referred to as stitched binding or also known as stapled binding). This is a fairly simple and cheap method for binding thinner brochures and catalogues. In addition to regular staples, this can also be done with loop stitching, which make it easier for inserting to folders and binders (the printed work itself does not have to be punched through with a hole punch). The covers may be on the same paper as the contents. Or select a thicker paper for the cover and possibly also laminate it for a prettier and more stylish final result. The number of pages in saddle-stitch binding must always be divisible by four.

Glue binding (also known as perfect binding) is good for binding slightly thicker printed works. As a rule, covers of glue binding are always made of thicker paper (or even cardboard). This kind of a binding provides a much more elegant result.

Wire binding or wire-o is a means of binding where single sheets are perforated along one edge and bound with wire. Covers are also frequently thicker and (transparent) plastic is also used.

Popular solutions

Saddle-Stitched Binding

Loop Stitching

Glue Binding

Wire Binding (Wire-O)

Hardcover Binding