Self-Adhesive Labels

We make various stickers: from product labels to large-scale stickers.

Self-adhesive labels intended for products are printed on a roll and can, therefore, be installed by a machine as well. The material selection includes various synthetic and paper stickers. The labels can be covered with a matte or glossy laminate to protect them and improve their appearance. A particularly outstanding result can be achieved with stickers with a silvery surface, which can be adjusted to colour of your choice during printing. If you install labels by machine, we will need to know the material, amount and format as well as label scrolling direction, interior size of the roll, the spacing between labels and the number of labels per roll / outer maximum diameter of the roll.

We also offer stickers suitable for outdoor conditions. Here, multiple special solutions are again possible according to the client’s wishes.

Popular solutions

Self-Adhesive Labels on a Roll

Self-Adhesive Labels in a sheet (net removed)

Self-Adhesive Labels in a sheet (with net)