Even though the written word on the Internet has taken the world by storm, the book continues to be a more finite and thus more reliable and steadfast alongside the ever-changing digital text. Books may be read on the computer and phone screens today and there are also special e-readers which simulate printed text, but the digital world is no match for a beautiful printed book.

Books may be made as a simple glued volume as well as a classic hardcover. The latter is like a symbol, ingrained deep in our collective conscious like the floppy disc icon for saving files (even though the younger generation probably doesn’t even know what a floppy is…).

Popular solutions

Saddle-Stitched Binding

Loop Stitching

Glue Binding

Wire Binding (Wire-O)

Hardcover Binding



A Business Card With A Matte Laminate Sauce

A classical choice and a superb starter;
For added pleasure can be served with a special soft-touch laminate sauce or other extras

A Tasteful Flyer Selection

Serves quickly and fills a bigger party well

An Exquisitely Savory Poster

An eye-catching and eminent dish

Main Course

A Self-Adhesive Label Roll

Can be served as sheets; With or without a net

A Tasty Packaging

A filling meal guarantee! Finished with a good amount of die-cut or a cutter for a lighter meal

A Classically Cooked Brochure

A client-favourite! Fits every taste and fills you well


An Airy Pop-Up With Matte or Glossy Laminate Glazing

An interesting try for everyone who loves a good roll-up

A Spicy and Seductive Wobbler

An exciting choice for anyone out for a good dessert

Cinnamon Calendar

A grand dish for the winter holiday season; Served around the year

Flag Pennants

The chef recomments! For anyone who likes a more exotic taste

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