Võta meiega ühen­dust – vast­ame sulle esimesel võimalusel


Even though the writ­ten word on the Inter­net has taken the world by storm, the book contin­ues to be a more finite and thus more reli­able and stead­fast along­side the ever-chan­ging digit­al text. Books may be read on the computer and phone screens today and there are also special e‑readers which simu­late prin­ted text, but the digit­al world is no match for a beau­ti­ful prin­ted book.

Books may be made as a simple glued volume as well as a clas­sic hard­cov­er. The latter is like a symbol, ingrained deep in our collect­ive conscious like the floppy disc icon for saving files (even though the young­er gener­a­tion prob­ably doesn’t even know what a floppy is…).

Saddle-Stitched Binding
Loop Stitching
Glue Binding
Wire Binding (Wire‑O)
Hardcover Binding