Boxes, crates, packaging – when you have a physical product then you probably also need to pack it into something. Be it safe transport from point A to point B or particularly attractive sales packaging that would make the product stand out from the competition on the store shelves. Such as a gift box for a wine bottle, a four-pack or a six-pack for beer bottles, etc.

We can make packaging out of corrugated board, cardboard or paperboard and print the client’s design on there (directly on the material or on paper which is glued on the material). In addition, we can laminate the packaging, install a transparent window, print hot-foil, silkscreen, spot varnish and other specific requests.

Our options also include the development of a technical concept according to the client’s wishes. And of course, we will also make a prototype to ensure that the solution is a suitable one.

Popular solutions

A Top-Opening Box with Partitions

A Box That Opens at Both Ends

A Box with A Separate Lid

A Box with A Locking Lid

A Food Box

A Six-Pack

A Box with A Plastic Window

A Bottle Box with A Handle

A Box with A Hole For Hanging



A Business Card With A Matte Laminate Sauce

A classical choice and a superb starter;
For added pleasure can be served with a special soft-touch laminate sauce or other extras

A Tasteful Flyer Selection

Serves quickly and fills a bigger party well

An Exquisitely Savory Poster

An eye-catching and eminent dish

Main Course

A Self-Adhesive Label Roll

Can be served as sheets; With or without a net

A Tasty Packaging

A filling meal guarantee! Finished with a good amount of die-cut or a cutter for a lighter meal

A Classically Cooked Brochure

A client-favourite! Fits every taste and fills you well


An Airy Pop-Up With Matte or Glossy Laminate Glazing

An interesting try for everyone who loves a good roll-up

A Spicy and Seductive Wobbler

An exciting choice for anyone out for a good dessert

Cinnamon Calendar

A grand dish for the winter holiday season; Served around the year

Flag Pennants

The chef recomments! For anyone who likes a more exotic taste

Ask the chef for special dishes