Võta meie­ga ühen­dust – vasta­me sulle esime­sel võima­lusel

Due to the Emer­gency Situa­tion in Esto­nia until 1st of May that was decla­red by the Govern­ment of the Republic of Esto­nia, we too have adap­ted some special rules to ensu­re the safe­ty of our clients, part­ners and of cour­se our emplo­yees.

Lemon Print is opera­tio­nal but entrance to our faci­li­ty is closed for all visi­tors.

When possible we will  be using the possi­bi­li­ties of remo­te work. Our doors at this given time will be closed for visi­tors and client consul­ta­tions will not take place at this time. Couriers and trans­port compa­nies will recei­ve the shipe­ments without contact. To pick up a ship­ment plea­se call ahead to your contact in Lemon Print to agree upon the method and time of the pickup (our contacts are also avai­lable on our websi­te www.lemonprint.ee/fi/yhteystiedot).

We ask that you keep to the rules of the emer­gency situa­tion and use common sense. For more infor­ma­tion about situa­tion in Esto­nia visit the govern­ment websi­te: www.valitsus.ee/en/emergency-situation-estonia

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